3D magnetic field sensor is power-stingy

A three-axis magnetic field sensor from Melexis operates from a 1.8-V power rail shared with other components, such as logic devices. The MLX90392 sensor provides a 1.5-μA power-down mode to maximize runtime in battery-powered applications, such as power tools. It can also be used in home security systems, appliances, and white goods.

photo of the MLX90392 sensor

The MLX90392 employs the manufacturer’s Triaxis Hall technology to perform very precise measurements. Two magnetic variants of the MLX90392 are available, offering a choice of ±50 mT and ±5 mT full-scale ranges. The ±50-mT range is useful for position measurement in HMI applications, door-closure detection, access-control systems, and anti-tampering for smart meters. For position sensing that requires a small magnetic range, the ±5-mT variant features low noise and sensitivity of 0.15 μT/LSB.

With its integrated thermal sensor and I2C interface, the MLX90392 converts XYZ position measurements and temperature into 16-bit words for communication over the I2C bus. It operates in either single-measurement or continuous-measurement mode over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The part comes in a space-saving 2×2.5×0.4-mm UTDFN-8 package.

MLX90392 product page


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