AC/DC converter IC boosts current by 60%

The LNK3207 AC/DC converter IC from Power Integrations increases available output current from 360 to 575 mA. Part of the company’s LinkSwitch-TN2 AC/DC converter portfolio, the LNK3207 enables higher-power offline buck converter designs for appliances, metering, and IoT applications. Pin-compatibility with previous generations makes it easy for engineers to upgrade their power designs using the LNK3207.

In addition to supplying 360 mA in mostly discontinuous conduction mode and 575 mA in continuous conduction mode, the LNK3207 provides greater than 80% efficiency and no-load consumption of less than 30 mW. The monolithic IC integrates a 725V MOSFET, oscillator, on/off control for high efficiency at light load, and a high-voltage switched current source for self-biasing. Its 66-kHz operation with accurate current limiting allows the use of low-cost inductors and reduces the size and cost of magnetics and output capacitor.

Onboard protection functions include input and output overvoltage protection, hysteretic thermal shutdown, and auto-restart for short-circuit and open-loop faults. The converter also employs frequency jittering to reduce EMI filter complexity.

The LNK3207 AC/DC converter IC offers a choice of three plastic package types: PDIP-8C, SMD-8C, and SO-8C. In volume quantities, the LNK3207 costs $0.60 each.

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