Analyzer eases mmWave troubleshooting

A handheld microwave analyzer, Keysight’s FieldFox speeds the installation of 5G, radar, and satellite communication systems by enabling mmWave troubleshooting. FieldFox now provides an extended frequency range with measurement integrity comparable to lab-based instruments. When installing mmWave infrastructure, technicians can measure key performance indicators of the network in the field.

Building on the FieldFox B-series introduced in May 2019, the updated FieldFox simplifies setup and improves measurement results in any 3GPP-specified band within FR2 by extending the frequency range up to 54 GHz without the need for mixers. It supports advanced channel aggregation and complex interference troubleshooting with an increased analysis bandwidth range of up to 120 MHz.

Additionally, FireFox allows users to measure and analyze mmWave signals with complex modulation schemes, such as 256-QAM. Further, the microwave analyzer provides 5G NR beamforming analysis using phased array antenna control, critical in the deployment of MIMO technology.

Rugged enough to meet MIL specifications, the lightweight instrument has a bright, low-reflection display and operates for up to 4 hours from a field-swappable battery. FieldFox can be configured as a cable and antenna analyzer, network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and power meter with up to 25 different measurement functions through software and firmware options.

Four mmWave FieldFox combo analyzer models (N995xB) are available with frequency ranges up to 32-GHz, 44-GHz, 50-GHz, and 54-GHz for mmWave troubleshooting. Signal analyzer-only models (N996xB) are also available at the same frequencies.

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