Audio DAC improves high-fidelity audio playback

Part of Rohm’s MUS-IC series for high-end audio equipment, the BD34301EKV 32-bit stereo audio DAC enables expressive playback of music. According to the manufacturer, the converter is designed with emphasis on spatial reverberation, quietness, and dynamic range. It can successfully reproduce the target sound quality by incorporating a circuit in the signal-processing block to check audio quality.

The two-channel DAC achieves low noise and distortion in pulse-code modulation (PCM) mode, with a typical signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 130 dB and total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) of 115 dB. It has a sampling rate of 32 to 768 kHz and a dynamic range of 130 dB typical. The BD34301EKV also features two kinds of digital finite impulse response (FIR) filters: sharp roll-off and slow roll-off.

The digital filter, a key function of the digital signal-processing circuit, processes even the smallest signals by achieving a rejection band attenuation of -150 dB or less. This makes it possible to extract the full amount of information from sound sources and deliver sound-quality characteristics that enable the listener to discern spatial reverberation, quietness, and dynamic range.

In digital stream digital (DSD) mode, the BD34301EKV supports clock rates of 2.8, 5.6, 11.2, and 22.4 MHz. Typical SNR, THD+D, and dynamic range in DSD mode are 125, -113, and 120 dB, respectively. The converter can operate in stereo (two-channel) or mono (one- channel) mode and offers four selectable device addresses.

Housed in a 12.0×12.0×1.0-mm HTQFP64BV package, the BD34301EKV audio DAC costs $80.50 each (samples). An evaluation board for assessing the sound quality of the BD34301EKV audio DAC is available through online distributors.

BD34301EKV product page

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