Biosensor module suits handhelds and wearables

The Renesas OB1203 biosensor module integrates multichannel light, proximity, and photoplethysmography sensors in a single, compact package. With the appropriate algorithm, the OB1203 can determine human heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate, and heart rate variability (a measure of stress).

illustration of the Renesas OB1203 biosensor module

Along with the sensors, the OB1203 packs two LEDs, drivers, and a signal-conditioning chip that outputs all sensor data via an I2C bus. The device’s 4.2×2×1.2-mm optically-enhanced package has an antiallergenic glass cover that allows it to be used in applications requiring direct skin contact. In addition, the OB1203 can operate behind IR-transmissive inked glass, enabling designers to almost entirely conceal the module for a cleaner, more aesthetically-pleasing product design.

block diagram for the Renesas OB1203 biosensor module

The OB1203 provides light and RGB color sensing, proximity measurements, and biosensing for use in smartphones, fitness/wellness trackers, medical devices, and even industrial applications like robotics. It operates from a supply voltage of 1.7 to 3.6V and has low standby current of 2 μA typical. The OB1203 sensor module and evaluation kits can be purchased through the Renesas distributor network.

OB1203 product page


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