Data focus converters manage 1100 W peak

Eighth-brick DC/DC converters in the BMR492 series from Flex Power Modules provide between 600 to 800 W of constant power. The 800-W converter offers up to 1100 W of peak power for short periods of << 1 s. Such burst-mode operation is typically needed for CPUs in datacom and data facility applications.

The first participant of the BMR492 series of digital intermediate bus converters is the BMR4920302/861. Ranked at 600 W/50 A, the BMR4920302/861 provides a regulated 12-V result, flexible from 8 to 13.2 V using the PMBus interface. The unit approves an input voltage of 40 to 60V as well as achieves peak effectiveness of 96.7% at 48 VIN and half lots. Seclusion in between input as well as outcome is 1500 VDC.

Extra versions to be presented later on this year consist of a 700-W/10.4-V converter qualified of furnishing up to 950 W of peak power and also an 800-W/12-V version that can provide up to 1100 W of peak power. Both of these models enhance efficiency approximately 97.4%.

Supplied in an industry-standard eighth-brick layout with dimensions of 58.4 × 22.7 × 12.7 mm, the baseplate converters utilize a conventional DOSA pinout, including a 7-pin electronic header for the PMBus user interface. BMR492 series devices run over a temperature level series of -40 ° C to +125 ° C as well as have an MTBF of over 6 million hrs.

OEM quantities of the BMR4920302/861 converter will certainly be available in April 2021.

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