Embedded motor controllers take the heat

TDK has expanded its Micronas motor controller portfolio to address high-temperature applications, such as combustion vehicle drivetrains. The HVC 4222F and HVC 4422F motor controllers are intended to operate smart LIN-bus-connected actuators in ambient temperatures up to 150°C. Each device is powered by a built-in 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 CPU core. The HVC 4222F provides 32 kbytes of flash memory and 2 kbytes of SRAM. The HVC4422F packs 64 kbytes of flash memory and 4 kbytes of SRAM.

The controllers are capable of driving small stepper, brushed, and brushless motors, by means of integrated half bridges, in applications that require up to 1 A peak current. Their high processing power allows the implementation of complex motor control algorithms, while 11 GPIO pins permit the integration of Hall switches or 2D/3D sensors for more precise motor control.

Both the HVC 4222F and HVC 4422F have a voltage supply range of 8 to 18V (transient from 4.5 to 40V) and six 500-mA half-bridge drivers. Two on-chip oscillators eliminate the need for an external crystal. The HVC 4422F controller’s extended memory size addresses OEM diagnostic requirements, while its integrated memory protection unit supports RTOS needs.

The HVC 4222F and HVC 4422F motor controllers come in thermally efficient QFN40 packages with dimensions of 6×6 mm. Samples are available now. Mass production is scheduled to start in Q2 2021.

HVC 4xxxF product page


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