Four different instruments leverage one GUI

Keysight’s Smart Bench Essentials (SBE) lab bench products use a single GUI with integrated data management and analysis capabilities. The four SBE instruments include a 30-W triple-output power supply, 20-MHz arbitrary function generator, 5.5-digit digital multimeter, and 50-MHz oscilloscope, all with a consistent look and feel and connected through PathWave test software.

SBE lab instruments can be used in general test labs, as well as university teaching labs, where instruments need to be connected to each other, connected to the lab, and connected to the cloud. PathWave BenchVue software simplifies instrument configuration and operates all of them from the same PC. It stores data on the PC and exports it in standard readable formats for post-analysis and report generation.

PathWave Remote Access Lab and PathWave Lab Manager optimize lab productivity. PathWave Remote Access enables university teaching labs to seamlessly transition to online learning, and students are able to remotely access the lab setup and perform lab work through a web browser. PathWave Lab Manager works with the SBE instruments to effectively manage lab assets.

The SBE combination of hardware and software not only accelerates students’ learning experience, but also improves design and manufacturing engineers’ ability to analyze and troubleshoot products. To receive a bundled quote, follow the product link below.

Smart Bench Essentials product page

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