LLC converter reference design attains high efficiency

A reference design for a GaN-based 3-kW LLC resonant converter exceeds the 80 Plus Titanium power-supply efficiency rating. Integrating GaN Systems’ 650-V enhancement-mode transistors, the high-density, high-efficiency full-bridge converter achieves a power density of up to 146 W/in.3 and peak efficiency of >98%.

photo of Gan Systems reference design for a GaN-based 3-kW LLC resonant converter

The GS-EVB-LLC-3KW-GS reference design aims to reduce development time and costs for data center, telecom, and industrial switch-mode power supply applications. Smaller power supplies using GaN semiconductors allow for more storage and memory to be added into the same rack space. This high-density converter design is 30 mm high and meets the low-profile 1U form factor used in data centers. Board dimensions are 80×140 mm, including forced-air cooling.

Key converter parameters include an input voltage range of 380 to 420V, output voltage of 54V, output power of 3000 W maximum, and full-load output current of 55 A. Resonant frequency is 250 kHz and maximum switching frequency is 450 kHz. Overcurrent, overvoltage, and short-circuit protection is built in.

The GS-EVB-LLC-3KW-GS LLC resonant converter reference design is available through GaN Systems’ distributor network, including Mouser and RichardsonRFPD.

GS-EVB-LLC-3KW-GS product page

GaN Systems

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